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Bills pass through Senate in time for Crossover Day

The seventh week of the legislative session has been just as comprehensive as previous weeks, particularly since Crossover Day is four legislative days away. We ...

March 01, 2017 | Sen. Ben Watson | Opinion

Library Friends' book sale is March 11

The Friends of the Richmond Hill Library will hold a book sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 11at the library located ...

March 01, 2017 | Bryan County News | Lifestyle

What to do if you have a rocky relationship with food

If you've spent any amount of time during your life dieting, you probably intuitively understand why the statistics say that around 90 percent of ...

March 01, 2017 | Paige Smathers | Hot topics

13 ways you’re making your period worse

You could doing a few things to make your period worse than it needs to be, but most of them are surprisingly easy to fix ...

March 01, 2017 | Karen Banes FamilyShare | Trending

Tiger brings down drone in new viral video from China

HEILONGJIANG PROVINCE, China — Everyone knows that tigers are fearsome predators. But as seen in a popular video from China, even electronic devices can become prey.

March 01, 2017 | Grant Olsen | Sports

What's the best way to take your vitamins: IV, pills or just eat healthy food?

Grammy Award winner Adele says she gets some of her sparkle from an infusion of vitamins delivered through an IV. Intravenous vitamins are a relatively ...

March 01, 2017 | Jennifer Graham Deseret News | Hot topics

From 352 pounds down to a size 4, Honey Boo Boo’s mom is determined to find the ‘skinnier person ins

June Shannon, known as Mama June to Honey Boo Boo fans, has dropped from 352 pounds to a size four… and still thinks she’s ...

March 01, 2017 | Amberlee Lovell FamilyShare | Hot topics

Richmond Hill places first in Science Olympiad

Richmond Hill High School got top honors Saturday at the annual Science Olympiad at East Georgia State College.

March 01, 2017 | Bryan County News | Education

Savannah Port sniffs out stink bug on shipment from China

The Savannah Port found an unexpected visitor last month on a shipment of tiles from China. A yellow-spotted stink bug was seemingly trying to hitch ...

March 01, 2017 | Bryan County News | Local news

4 powerful tips to help lift your mood during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of great happiness and excitement...but can also be a time of challenges and concerns. Money worries, relationship woes, previous pregnancy ...

March 01, 2017 | Helen Lyle FamilyShare | Hot topics

I turned off the Oscars before the best part!

“So who wants to watch the Academy Awards with me?” my mother asked.

March 01, 2017 | Jim Bennett Deseret News | Hot topics

Have You Seen This? Real-life fruit ninja with a drone

FRUITVILLE — Real talk: how many hours do you think you've spent (or wasted) playing Fruit Ninja?

March 01, 2017 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending

When times are tough, stick together and be strong

On Wednesday morning, the sun was shining brightly.

March 01, 2017 | Amy Choate-Nielsen Deseret News | Trending

Your beautifully mascaraed lashes are probably infested with mites

Warning: two species of microscopic mites eat, sleep, crawl and reproduce on your face.

March 01, 2017 | Kristina Tieken FamilyShare | Hot topics

From Fat Tuesday pancakes to fasting to Easter feasts: The link between Lent and food

Festive purple and yellow streamers, glittering masks and shiny table decor greeted attendees of the Cathedral Church of St. Mark's annual Shrove Tuesday feast ...

March 01, 2017 | Kelsey Dallas Deseret News | Faith

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Archive site results

Mardi Gras on Tybee Saturday

It is time to "let the good times roll," as the annual Tybee Island Mardi Gras Parade marches down Butler Avenue this Saturday.

February 23, 2017 | By Patty Leon | Things to Do

Emergency drills Thursday on Fort Stewart

If your listen to a scanner and it goes crazy Thursday morning, it's probably only a drill.

February 22, 2017 | Special to the News | Military

Library's survival series goes north

The public is invited to the second of a free four-part movie and discussion series, "Pushing the Limits" for adults, at the Pembroke Library on Feb. 24.

February 17, 2017 | Special to the News | Things to Do

Saying goodbye to Muse Arts Warehouse

SAVANNAH - Sitting in the waning afternoon sunlight outside the metal door of 703D Louisville Road, JinHi Soucy Rand has no regrets.

February 09, 2017 | By Jessica Leigh Lebos Connect Savannah | Things to Do

Have You Seen This? Squirrel vs. crow in battle over pizza slice

PIZZA TOWN — We've all been there. The last slice of pizza sits on the table calling your name. But just as you reach your hand out to grab it, so does someone else. A pizza battle ensues, with everyone fighting to determine who gets the last slice.

February 07, 2017 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending

New research challenges three 'myths' about cohabitation

Studies suggest cohabitation in the United States is more than twice as common as it was 25 years ago and American attitudes are softening toward it. But the World Family Map 2017 suggests that what people think they know about cohabitation isn't true.

February 07, 2017 | Lois M. Collins Deseret News | Trending

Anne Frank and the value of a single life

This past week, I visited the famed Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, the secret annex where 13-year-old Anne and her family hid for more than two years during the Nazi takeover of World War II.

February 07, 2017 | Tiffany Gee Lewis Deseret News | Faith

RHHS hosting 2-AAAAAA basketball tourey

Richmond Hill High School is hosting the Region 2-AAAAAA basketball tournaments this week.

February 06, 2017 | Staff report Bryan County News | Local news

2-AA hoops tourney underway starting Tuesday

The No. 3 seed Bryan County High School girls will play the winner of a game between Metter and St. Vincent's at 4 p.m. Wednesday at Toombs County High School in the Region 2-AA girls' basketball tournament.

February 06, 2017 | Staff Bryan County News | Local news

Telling yourself 'I'm fat' could put you at greater risk of heart attack

New research shows that “fat shamed” people (people who are mocked for their size) are more likely to have cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The study, put out by the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania and the Penn’s Center for Weight and Eating Disorders, monitored 159 obese people’s health along with their emotional well being.

February 06, 2017 | Stacie Simpson FamilyShare | Hot topics

Book review: 'Rise of Fire' abandons quest, enters politics and concludes duology

"RISE OF FIRE," by Sophie Jordan, HarperCollins, $17.99, 304 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

February 06, 2017 | Tara Creel Deseret News | Trending

How to not underestimate your kids

As kids grow, their abilities grow as well. What they understand, comprehend and what they can achieve changes almost daily. While we may “know” this is happening, sometimes it is hard to accept that they can do more than we think they can.

February 06, 2017 | Megan Shauri FamilyShare | Trending

When a house fire killed a beloved mother and son, this community raised over $130,000 in 7 days

A community came together to support a family after a heart breaking disaster killed a mother of six children and one of her sons, and destroyed almost all the family's possessions.

February 06, 2017 | Kristina Tieken FamilyShare | Trending

Have You Seen This? Woman with ax saves moose from ice

THE ICY WILD — Choose any lake in Scandinavia in the dead of winter and dollars to donuts that lake is frozen solid enough for 3,000 continuous games* of neighborhood hockey.

February 06, 2017 | Martha Ostergar | Trending

Have You Seen This? Viral video shows power of finding common ground

THE WORLD — A Danish director created a video that shows different groups of people finding things they have in common, and the internet is loving it to the tune of over 34 million views and counting.

February 06, 2017 | Martha Ostergar | Trending

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