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Comedy kinda 'goes the distance'

Showtime with Sasha

POSTED: September 17, 2010 10:39 a.m.
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Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are the love interest in "Going the Distance."

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Drew Barrymore and Justin Long play Erin and Garret in “Going the Distance.” The quirky 30-something pair fall in love during Erin’s short newspaper internship, which has an expiration date. But after a delicious, six-week romance, Garret decides he can’t let Erin go and would prefer to embark upon a long-distance relationship. Difficulty ensues.
The worst thing about “Going the Distance” is the potty humor. It is a little unexpected in a film of this type. I definitely don’t think the trailers prepare you for it. Oh, and when I say potty humor, I’m speaking literally. There’s a scene where Garret’s roommate insists on being an open-door participant in an apartment conversation even though he is, you know, in the restroom doing his business.
I think folks expect those jokes when they’re watching something like “The Hangover,” but not your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy.
The best thing about “Going the Distance” is how surprising it is. It actually isn’t your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. It’s hilarious and manages to break out of the classic formula a little bit. There were times I was genuinely impressed while watching. Christina Applegate is always fantastic. She’s Erin’s disapproving older sister.
And that’s why I had so much trouble pinning down my feelings this week. How do I really feel about “Going the Distance”? Am I a fan? Am I not a fan? Let’s just say I’m a little fan.
If you’re a fan of Showtime with Sasha — hopefully a big fan — I’ll see you back here next week.
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