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Property transfers for August

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POSTED: September 13, 2010 1:32 p.m.
The following are the property transfers in Bryan County for the month of August:

Michael S. White to Terri L. Merritt, 185 Henry St., Pembroke, $110.000.00. 8/2/10

Richmond Hill:
Waterfront Group Georgia, LLC to C.E. Hall Enterprises, Land Lot 121 The Bluffs at Richmond Hill, $35,000.00. 8/20/10

Waterfront Group of Georgia, LLC to C.E. Hall Enterprises, Land Lot 122, The Bluffs at Richmond Hill, $35,000. 8/20/10

Tony L. McGee to Dawn A. Cantele, 222 Landing Way, Richmond Hill, $187,000.00. 8/5/10

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Indenture Trustee to the Aames Mortgage Investment Trust to John V. Triay and Mary I. Triay, 224 Mulberry Drive, Lot 131, Richmond Hill, $197,000.00. 8/5/10

Homes of Integrity Construction Co., Inc. to Jeffrey M. Jackson, 69 Savannah Lane, Richmond Hill, $183,900.00. 8/5/10

McArthur Pridgen and Janie Elaine Pridgen to Susan K. Smith and John C. Smith, 621 Charlies Road, Richmond Hill, $140,000.00. 8/5/10

Synergy Designer Homes, Inc. to Ashley MacFarlane and Stefanie K. MacFarlane, 35 Golden Rod Loop, Lot 108, Phase 2 Cottonham Plantation, Richmond Hill, $269,785.00. 8/4/10

John P. Smith, Jr. and Constance B. Smith to Adam S. Willis, 74 Steele Wood Drive, Richmond Hill, $208,500.00. 8/5/10

David A. Arbizo and Christina Arbizo to Jullian M. Hayes, 276 Piercefield Drive, Richmond Hill, $137,480.00. 8/17/10

Bonita A. Miracle and Johnnie D. Miracle to Joshua Daniel Miracle, 50 Wild Honey Court, Richmond Hill, $143,000.00. 8/17/10
Ernest Homes, LLC to Jorge A. Olazo and Angela L. Olazo, 250 Scarlett Lane, Lot 90, Whiteoak Village, Ph. 1, Richmond Hill, $179,999.00. 8/2/10

JCH Coastal Lifestyle Homes, LLC to David Wayne Pinti and Jennifer A. Pinti, 50 Sanctuary Drive, Richmond Hill, $301,000.00. 8/17/10

Edwenda T. Kimbrel and Charles Angus Kimbrel to Jennifer G. Dragon, 174 Boyd Drive, Richmond Hill, $177,000.00. 8/17/10

Joy E. Hanson to Margarita Suarez and Rafael A. Suarez, Sr., 23 Dee Henderson Drive, Lot 234, Richmond Hill, $276,000.00. 8/17/10

Olde South Construction, LLC to Synergy Designer Homes, Inc., 75 Golden Rod Loop, Lot 110, Ph. 2 Cottonham Plantation, Richmond Hill, $55,000.00. 8/20/10

Synergy Designer Homes, Inc. to David J. Woodworth and Lara Woodworth, 255 Cottonham Court, Lot 28, Ph. 1A, Cottonham Plantation, Richmond Hill, $296,100.00. 8/24/10

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Leighton Cornish, 164 Shady Oak Circle, Lot 142, Main Street, Ph. 1, Richmond Hill, $149,900.00. 8/20/10

Deutsche Bank Trust Company America RALI 2006-QS18 to Matt Howard and Erin G. Howard, 334 McGregor Circle, Richmond Hill, $263,000.00. 8/20/10

GEO Construction, Inc. to Jeffrey A. Ennis and Candace B. Ennis, 8 Hidden Creek Drive, Lot 136 Hidden Creek Subdivision, Ellabell, $218,000.00. 8/2/10

New Dunham Holdings, LLC to C. Pickett Enterprises, Inc., Map & Parcel Number: 0562-012; $43,000.00. 8/3/10

Terrapointe, LLC to TMH, LLC, Map & Parcel Number: 064 090; $379,640.00. 8/6/10

TMH, LLC to Michelle Renee Snyder, Map & Parcel Number: 064 090; $170,000.00. 8/6/10

Kerry Neppel to Kevin Christopher Kramer and Laurie K. Kramer, Map & Parcel Number: 054e-122; $197,000.00. 8/6/10

SRH Investments, LLC dba Hallmark Custom Homes to Sergio Almanza and Rose Marie Almanza, Map & Parcel Number: 0537-038; $285,275.00. 8/6/10

Leroy Ellis Davis to Colin L. Schofield, 269 Channing Drive, Lot 519, Chastain Park, Buckhead, Phase 21, Richmond Hill, $387,000.00. 8/9/10

E.K. Williams-Holley, as Trustee of the Dixie K. Hall Trust u/a dated April 12, 1994 to Ernest Signature Custom Homes, LLC, 126 St. Catherines Court, Lot 118, Waterford Landing PUD, Ph 3, $50,700.00. 8/9/10

Ernest Homes, LLC to Brandon E. Barnes and Nicole Barnes, 132 Peregrine Circle, Lot 85, The Cottages at Waterford Landing, Ph 2, Richmond Hill, $188,630.00. 8/5/10

Go West Development, Inc. to GEO Construction, Inc., 9 Broken Bit Road, Lot 83, Phase One, Hidden Creek Subdivision, $39,000.00. 8/9/10

MAJJ, LLC to Dale Arthur Griner, 205 Swan Lane, Lot 89, 19th GMD, $25,000.00. 8/12/10

U.S. Bank National Association, Trustee to John Joseph Leary, IV, 187 Sterling Creek Drive, Lot 51, Richmond Hill, $145,500.00. 8/12/10

English Development Group, LLC to Synergy Designer Homes, Inc., Lot #34, Magnolia Creek Landing, 1380th GMD, $32,000.00. 8/19/10

Bacontown Properties, LLC to John Robert Norris, Jr., 1900 Highway 204, 2.41 Acres, Parcel 1, 1380th GMD, $75,000.00. 8/19/10

L. Richard Lee Properties to David W. Bacon and Lisa S. Bacon, 211 O.F. Lanier Road, 6.24 Acres, 19th GMD, $180,000.00. 8/23/10

Penrose Investments, Inc. to Christopher L. Lovell, Map & Parcel Number: 0612-029; $400,000.00. 8/23/10

Bryan Bank & Trust to John A. Usher, Map & Parcel Number: 0542 042; $10,000.00. 8/23/10

James Garza to Raeshelle Meadows, 65 Deer Road, Lot 16, Bryan Acres S/D, Richmond Hill, $128,558.00. 8/23/10

TMH, LLC to James R. Hackney and Margaret Hackney, Map & Parcel Number: 064 090; $110,000.00. 8/23/10

TMH, LLC to Timothy T. Brantley and Margaret Hackney, Map & Parcel Number: 064 090; $60,000.00. 8/23/10

American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, Inc. to Cedric W. Prange, 20 Fairview Drive, Richmond Hill, $362,000.00; 8/23/10

Synergy Designer Homes, Inc. to John P. Hall and Courtney M. Hall, 13 Hidden Creek Drive, Lot #134 Hidden Creek Subdivision, 1380th GMD, $200,000.00. 8/24/10

SRH Investments, LLC dba Hallmark Custom Homes to Jacobus N. Van Rensburg and Magdalena Van Rensburg, Map & Parcel Number: 0537-083; $281,245.00. 8/24/10

Woodyard Custom Homes, Inc. to Donald J. Riddle and Michelle Riddle, 70 Sanctuary Drive, Lot 29, Sanctuary S/D, Richmond Hill, $269,315.00. $269,315.00. 8/24/10

Jerry C. Wardlaw Construction, Inc. to Que Andra Fredrick, 615 Summer Hill Way, Richmond Hill, $189,900.00. 8/10/10

Jerry C. Wardlaw Construction, Inc. to Bradley Joseph Cooper and Heather J. Cooper, 65 Chey Hill Lane, Richmond Hill, $206,114.00. 8/10/10
Synergy Designer Homes, Inc. to Garrett Payton Turley and Gina Turley, 125 Jacobs Circle, Lot 8, Ph. 1, Dunham Marsh, Richmond Hill, $200,000.00. 8/10/10

James A. Beasley to Tony P. Beasley, Bill Futch Road, 10 Acres, Tract 2, 1380th GMD, $30,000.00. 8/17/10

Jeffrey D. Elliott to Gregory Ellis Parks, 650 Mason Road, Pembroke, $107,000.00. 8/17/10

JCH Coastal Lifestyle Homes, LLC to Walter Kueffer, 5 Holly Tree Court, Lot 23, The Sanctuary, Richmond Hill, $335,000.00. 8/17/10

Homes of Integrity Construction Co., Inc. to Daniel O. Evans, Map & Parcel Number: 0562-058; $258,500.00. 8/5/10

Lisa L. Schneider to Mark T. Miller and Margaret V. Miller, 99, McGregor Circle, Lot 563, McGregory S/D, Buckhead Ph 22, Richmond Hill, $330,000.00. 8/2/10

Jennifer Dragon to Brent C. Blume, Map & Parcel Number: 0613-103; $235,000.00. 8/5/10

Verdel A. Jones to LaShunta D. Barr, Map & Parcel Number: 0263-079; $125,000.00. 8/5/10

Bank of America, National Association as Successor by Merger to Thomas G. Workman and Sandra G. Workman, 259 Kelsall Drive, Lot 389, Strathy Hall II, Ph. 18, Richmond Hill, $220,000.00. 8/13/10

New Dunham Holdings, LLC to RGM Homes, Inc., 150 Jacobs Circle, Lot 13, Ph. 1, Dunham Marsh Subdivision, $43,000.00. 8/20/10

TMH, LLC to Ryan Simons, Map & Parcel Number: 064 090, $52,500.00. 8/16/10

Paul Cates to Richard L. Baker and Melissa C. Baker, 696 Marshview Drive, Lot 163, Waterford Landing PUD, Richmond Hill, $205,000.00. 8/16/10


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