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RH woman gets DUI after wreck

Richmond Hill Police blotter

POSTED: August 4, 2010 10:12 a.m.
The following is from Richmond Hill Police reports:

July 27 –
A Richmond Hill woman was arrested for DUI after police received calls of erratic driving on I-95 and Ford Avenue. Cpl. Richard Olesky made contact with the suspect car near Richard Davis Drive while waiting for a train to pass. When traffic began to move again, the officer initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle, which was in the left lane, crossed several times into the right lane, as well as over the left fog line, before making a U-turn and then pulling into Sawmill Plaza. When approached by the officer, the driver had difficulty producing her driver’s license and proof of insurance from her purse, and Olesky said he could smell alcohol. The woman admitted to having two drinks and was unsteady on her feet when asked to step out of the car. After failing sobriety tests, the woman was arrested and taken to the county jail.

Simple battery
July 27 –
Officers responded to Publix on Hwy. 144 where there was an altercation between two men near the grocery store’s loading docks. One subject told S. Cpl. Steven Potts that what started as a verbal argument escalated when the other subject allegedly struck the man on the head with a paint roller. The other man told Potts he did swing the roller but didn’t think it hit the man. The subject who swung the roller also said he did so because the other man had picked up a ladder in a threatening manner. Other painters who were at the scene indicated they witnessed the altercation, but did not want to “get involved” and refused to give a voluntary written statement.

Matter of record
July 28 –
A Piercefield Drive resident reported to police that her vehicle had been hit sometime during the previous 48 hours, most likely at Kroger on Exchange Street. Officer Kenneth Butler examined the vehicle and found a 2- to 3-inch crack and several scratches on the driver’s side portion of the front bumper, as well as black paint transferred from another vehicle.

July 29 –
A Hinesville woman was arrested for DUI after officers responded to a two-vehicle accident on the southbound I-95 exit ramp for Exit 87. Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo said he noticed the driver of one of the vehicles appeared to be intoxicated, with glassy, bloodshot eyes and swaying while trying to stand in place. He said her breath also smelled of alcohol. After failing sobriety tests, the woman was taken to the police department for booking.

Possession of marijuana
July 30 –
A Savannah woman was arrested for possession after she got pulled over for driving 49 in a 35 mph zone and also having an inoperable tag light. She was pulled over in front of the Scottish Inn on Hwy. 17 and said she didn’t know how fast she was going because the car was not hers and the speedometer was broken. Officer Wendell Jarrell discovered her driver’s license was suspended. Jarrell placed the woman in handcuffs and seated her in the back of the patrol car while he completed citations for her driving violations. He then removed her from the backseat and re-cuffed her with her hands in front while he completed an inventory of her belongings. As he was returning the woman to the rear of the patrol car, he noticed a small plastic baggy containing a green leafy substance on the seat where the woman had been sitting previously.

Matter of record
July 30 –
Officers responded to southbound I-95 near Exit 87, where four bicycles were in the roadway. When Officer Paul Carter arrived, a motorist had pulled the bikes to the side of the road. When the owner of the bikes arrived, he told officers he didn’t know anything had happened until another motorist waved to him. He then pulled over and saw that the hitch-mount bike rack had broken loose.
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