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Richmond Hill High students racked up plenty of scholarship offers in 2006-07

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POSTED: June 6, 2007 5:18 a.m.

Richmond Hill High School Students were offered more than $3 million in scholarships this year. Here's a list of the students, including the college they'll attend if provided.

Sara Baker: Milligan College Scholarship, $48,000.

Caroline Benjamin: Auburn University Scholarship, $41,792; Auburn Alumni Scholarship, $5,256; Presbyterian College Scholarship, $91,400; Coastal Cooperative Foundation Scholarship, $1,000. Benjamin will attend Auburn.

Robert Bennett: Mercer University Scholarship, $80,000.

Joshua Biering: United States Military Academy Scholarship, $250,000. Biering earned an appointment to West Point.

Elizabeth Chesnut: Mercer University Scholarship, $40,000.

Cassie Connelly: Brenau University Scholarship, $52,000; Mercer University Scholarship, $48,000.

Katherine Cunningham: Mercer University Scholarship, $44,000; Georgia Souhern President’s Scholarship, $2,000.

Rachel Dixon: FSU 21st Century Scholarship, $8,000; FSU Service Scholarship, $96,000. She will attend UNC-Wilmington.

Katelyn Dixon: Richmond Hill Lion’s Club Scholarship, $1,000. She will attend Georgia Tech.

Hilary Diebold: Armstrong Atlantic University Scholarship, $1,00; Richmond Hill Spirit Scholarship, $500; Long Scholarship, $1,000. Diebold will attend Georgia Southern.

Damien Doser: Air Force ROTC Scholarship. He will attend the University of Georgia.

Mitchell Doud: GSWU Wheatley Scholarship, $2,000; Mercer University Scholarship, $44,000. He will attend Georgia South Western University.

Jordan East: Wingate University Scholarship, $57,600. East will attend Wingate.

Allison Edenfield: Richmond Hill Cheerleading Scholarship, $500. She will attend Georgia Southern.

Gina Florio: Emory University Scholarship, $88,740; Vanderbilt University Scholarship, $114,940; Susan and Fred Breidenbach Scholarship, $16,000; Kiwanis Scholarship, $1,000. Florio will attend Emory.

Virginia Freeman: Richmond Hill Coca-Cola Scholarship, $500; Katie Brookshire Scholarship, $1,000. Freeman will attend Georgia College and State University.

Josh Futch: Goldie Glenn Scholarship, $8,000. Futch will attend Georgia College and State University.

Anthony Foresi: Army ROTC Scholarship, $86,610. Foresi will attend Georgia Military College.

Candice Giles: Georgia Tech Alumni Scholarship, $1,500; Richmond Hill Historical Society Scholarship, $1,000. Giles will attend Georgia Tech.

Marcos Gonzalez: Army ROTC Scholarship, $82,610. Giles will attend North Georgia.

Lauren Guither: Mercer University Scholarship, $40,000; Washington Youth Tour Alternate, $500. She will attend the University of Georgia.

Jordann Hall: Mercer University Scholarship, $72,000.

Melissa Hill: Memorial Hospital Employee Dependent Scholarship, $500.

Samaantha Holesovsky: Richmond Hill Coca-Cola Scholarship, $500.

Brittni Johnson: Georgia Southern President’s Scholarship, $4,000; Paine College Presidential Scholarship, $60,000: Comcast Leaders Scholarship, $1,000; Randolph Macon President’s Scholarship, $38,000; Agnes Scott Frances Winshap Walters Scholarship, $40,000: FAMU Distinguished Scholars Scholarship, $66,656; Mercer University Scholarship, $40,000: University of Florida Presidential Scholarship, $20,000. Johnson will attend Georgia Southern.

Thaddous Kelly: Army ROTC Scholarship, $82,600.

Tami King: Richmond Hill Coca-Cola Scholarship, $500. Long Scholarship, $2,000.

Kate Macedo: Coastal Electric Youth Tour Scholarship, $1,000. She will attend the Uniersity of Georgia.

Boris Makhinson: Mercer University Scholarship, $54,000.

Joshua Marion: Army ROTC Scholarship, $10,400. He will attend North Georgia.

Bryan Morice: Mercer University Scholarship, $58,000; Kettering University Scholarship, $54,000.

Laura Nunnery: North Georgia State University Scholarship, $20,000. She will attend North Georgia.

Sarah Parker: Long Scholarship, $1,000.

Mackenzie Qua: Brenau Scholarship, $58,000. She will attend Brenau University.

Lorrin Quinn: LeTourneau Presidential Scholarship, $24,000; Fort Stewart Military Family Scholarship, $1,000; Richmond Hill Coca-Cola Scholarship, $500. Quinn will attend LeTourneau University.

Krysta Rhode: U.S. Coast Guard Academy Scholarship, $300,000; Rhode Island Centennial Scholarship, $48,000. She will attend the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Paul Rhyne: Mercer University Scholarship, $44,000. Rhyne will attend Kennesaw State University.

Cynda Schneider: Mercer University Scholarship, $48,000. She will attend Georgia State University.

Samantha Scofield: Milligan College Scholarship, $20,000; Mercer University Scholarship, $32,000. She will attend Milligan College.

Kyle Shinfield: Eastern Connecticut State University Scholarship, $3,662. He will attend Eastern Connecticut.

Brian Simonson: Georgia Southern Band Scholarship, $450. He will attend Georgia Southern.

Anastasia Smith: Richmond Hill Coca-Cola Scholarship, $500; Mercer University Scholarship, $48,000. She will attend Mercer.

Allison Snider: LaGrange College Founders Scholarship, $36,000; Methodist Scholarship, $4,000; Berry College University Scholarship, $36,000; Charleston Southern University Scholarship, $34,000. She will attend LaGrange.

Alex Squires: Emory Liberal Arts Scholarship, $56,000; Case Western Reerve Scholarship, $107,200; Rensselaer Math/Science Scholarship, $62,200; University of Alabama Scholarship, $84,376; Middle Tennessee State University Scholarship, $24,000; Arizona State University Scholarship, $86,000; Elks Club Scholarship (local) $600; Elks Club Scholarship (regional) $750; Lions Club STAR Student Award, $500; University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship, $81,000; University of Florida Scholarship, $92,720; University of Oklahoma Scholarship, $78,500; University of Texas at Dallas Scholarship, $89,200; Washington University Scholarship, $67,600; Exchange Club Student of the Year, $1,500; Heritage Bank, $500; Governor’s Scholarship, $3,600; National Merit-General Dynamics, $2,500; West Point Society of Savannah, $500; Community Foundation of the Low Country, $16,000. Squires will attend Georgia.

Madeline Spinks: Savannah College of Arts and Design Scholarship, $40,000; University of South Carolina Scholarship, $59,000; Richmond Hill Spirit Scholarship, $500. Spinks will attend SCAD.

William Strickland: Augusta University Scholarship, $14,000. He will attend Augusta University.

Jason Tomlinson: Charleston Southern University Scholarship, $56,000; LaGrange College Scholarship, $24,000.

Joshua Wells: Long Scholarship, $1,000. He will attend Armstrong Atlantic State University.

Michael Young; Army ROTC Scholarship, $90,610. He will attend North Georgia University.



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