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Hey Michelle, there is no pie

POSTED: May 4, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Michelle Obama is at it again, with yet another rhetorical gaffe. In fact, she so frequently makes "misstatements" that one has to wonder if she is really misstating at all. It seems to me as if her true character is being revealed. Recently she was credited with this observation on economics: Well, the pie is only so big. And some people are going to have to give up parts of their pie for the good of others, so others can have health care and college educations.

This is not a direct quote, but it’s the gist of what she said.

Interestingly, I don’t see the Obamas volunteering to give up any of their money. With typical liberal hypocrisy, their tax return shows they gave barely 1 percent of the millions plus they earned last year to charity. Talk is cheap, Mrs. Obama. You think wealth should be redistributed? Start with yourselves.

In addition, Michelle, I have news for you. THERE IS NO PIE. The idea that there is a finite amount of money in the world, and that life can only be fair if this certain amount of money is equally distributed among everyone is not only a huge lie, but is also the basis of socialism and communism. The pie idea has been tried, and proven to be a huge failure. Anyone remember Soviet Russia? Bread lines, shoe lines, everyone dressed in rags and dirt poor, except for the fat cat Politburo members at the top. That style of government went down in flames in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

In communism and socialism, all money that is earned is deemed to belong to the state, which then doles it out as it sees fit. What that means is that the entire population gets nothing, and the elite power brokers who control the money get everything. While this is the way communists and socialists think, it’s also the way certain elitist liberal Americans think as well. In their view, the masses should have all their income appropriated via taxes, and those liberal elites at the top will then decide what is best for us. This means the populace gets a substandard version of every service available, since it comes from the government and not the private sector. The elites, of course, are exempt from any such deprivations because they are the enlightened ones who know what’s the best thing to do with our hard-earned money.

I have a question for Mrs. Obama. Just who does she think should be making decisions regarding everyone’s "pie" money? Her? Her husband? Congress? The IRS? Who is it that’s going to say, well, Joe Smith over there makes $70,000 a year. That’s too much for him. Let’s take $10,000 and give it to Mary Jones over there who is on welfare. That’s fair, alright. I mean, obviously Joe Smith is an evil entrepreneur type who has stolen his money that he earns off the backs of the poor.

Will these socialists please grow up? People that earn money deserve to keep it because they are producers. People on welfare are takers. If you continue to steal money from the producers and give it to the takers via government programs, pretty soon you will have no producers. People won’t bother to work at all if they are going to lose it all. This is a guaranteed way to kill a nation’s economy and way of life. Take away the incentive to work, and there will be no work done.

The "pie" model as related to economics is completely wrong. I believe this fallacious image of economics comes from the fact that all financial data seems to be displayed in the ubiquitous "pie chart". While pie charts may be invaluable for set budgets for individuals or corporations, they have nothing to do with the production of wealth or actual dollars.

Look at history. Douglas Brinkley’s book on Ronald Reagan’s diaries is a fascinating read. In one diary entry, Reagan notes with glee that the stock market had gone up to 1200. Whooee!! Let’s see, I believe the current Dow Jones average is over 12,000. How is it that there is ten times more money invested in the stock market now than when Reagan was President? Where was all that money before, if there is a set amount of money a la the Pie Economic Model?

The point is, money is not finite. It is generally exponential in nature. New technologies and inventions come along all the time, leading to new ways to generate wealth. Prior to petroleum, the world ran on whale oil. After the discovery of this natural resource, great fortunes were made not only with oil, but with all the product derivatives of this new technology. Look at the wealth generated by computer corporations like Microsoft, and now Google with the invention of the Internet. Wealth production is not static. As long as we humans have brains and continue to innovate, there will always be new money being generated. Those who are willing to work and who provide benefits to society will therefore reap the greatest rewards.

It is certainly the antithesis of everything American to take people’s hard-earned money and give it to those who do nothing. In the meantime, Michelle, keep your grubby hands off the American people’s money. You want pie? How about a nice dose of humble pie? It would do you some good.


Betsy DeBry is a Richmond Hill resident.

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