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Who wants the moon, anyway

POSTED: March 16, 2008 5:00 a.m.

Just as the Republican party is in the middle of a shake-up, the Democrats find themselves in turmoil as well.

Their anointed nominee, Hillary Clinton, finds herself up against the wall. Barack Obama, a rank newcomer to the political scene, is cleaning her clock as he racks up multiple primary wins. It’s not hard to see why. He’s nice, likable, attractive, and not a Clinton - none of which Hillary can lay claim to. He’s also smart, articulate, and gives lovely speeches about "hope and change." What’s not to like?

In a country where people have ceased to think for themselves, Obama’s vapid speeches fill their emotional happy meter to the brim. They don’t feel the need to dig deeper and analyze what he’s really about. He makes them feel good, and that’s all that matters.

But who is Barack Obama, really? What do we know about him and his beliefs?

The British paper, U.K. Times reveals him as a classic European socialist, with views of government and society that are as dead as the dodo. While many European countries are beginning to discard the trappings of socialism they’ve acquired, Obama is a man who is quite happy to lead the United States deeply into it - very scary.

Barack Obama’s Senate record is interesting. When all the votes are compiled, Obama is the furthest to the left in his voting record of every Senator.

Even Hillary Clinton is more conservative in her voting than Obama. In addition, the man has absolutely no legislation to his name.

Commentator Chris Matthews interviewed a Texas legislator who supports Obama. When asked to name one, just one accomplishment that Obama had from his time in the Senate, the legislator couldn’t do it. The man has achieved absolutely nothing. But one can’t expect that to last if he’s elected president. He has definite views, and won’t hesitate to implement them as speedily as he may, especially with a Democrat majority in the Congress.

At a speech recently, he talked about his support for the free market, how he believes in it, blah blah blah. In the very next breath, he played on class envy and stated that "when CEO’s make more in 10 minutes than the average American makes in a year, the system is broken."

The man doesn’t believe in the free market. What he really wants to do is micromanage the economy from the government. That’s socialism.

He plans to designate "patriotic corporations. "Business owners should start panicking. What makes a corporation patriotic? Who decides this? Obama? If you don’t fall in line with his idea of what "patriotic" means, get ready to get slapped with the highest tax rates ever. When the government of the United States gets into deciding which businesses are "good" and which are "bad," it is the death knell for our economy and our way of life.

What else does Obama want to do? He wants free college education and healthcare for everyone. And who gets to pay for all this? WE do. He wants to raise taxes. Surprise - just what we need to really send this country into a depression. A Wall Street Journal editorial board member stated that with Obama’s plans, United States citizens are looking at an average tax rate of over 60 percent.

I can’t wait, can you?

Obama would be a disaster as a president. He’s naïve, and thinks talking to our enemies is the way to deal with them. He thinks that if only America can fix "what the terrorists don’t like about us", they’ll stop hating us. You can’t negotiate or talk to people whose goal in life is your complete subjugation to their way of life, and if they can’t accomplish that, then the next goal is your destruction.

Jimmy Carter was arguably the worst American president ever. Carter was a fool, but at least he was a patriotic fool who loved his country. Obama does not love America, despite all the success he has achieved because of this country. He’s one of the "blame America first" crowd, who believes the U.S. is the cause of the world’s ills, and his goal is to "fix" this country.

Obama bleats about "hope and change". What does that mean? Hope for what? What kind of change? These are abstract nouns which require qualifiers. There is good change and bad change. It’s not enough to just say "change", as if you’re going to wave a magic wand and all will be well. Lenin and the Russian revolution was a huge change for Russia. But was it good? Hitler and the Nazis were a major political change for Germany. But was it good? Is Obama another Lenin or Hitler? I don’t think so, and I certainly hope not. But when people term him "Messianic" and you see how he has achieved such a huge cult following while saying nothing, it makes one wonder.

Barack Obama is promising America the moon, to coin a phrase. While that sounds all dreamy and romantic and great, stop and think. The moon is a barren, lifeless hunk of rock which nobody wants nor can see any value in-just like Obama’s ideas. The space program gave up on it long ago. You couldn’t survive on the moon without life support. So, who wants the moon anyway? Not me - especially if Obama is the one offering it.

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