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Teens allegedly caught shoplifting cold medicine

POSTED: February 28, 2008 5:00 a.m.


Feb. 4 – An employee of the CVS pharmacy on Hwy. 17 reported he caught two teen boys trying to steal three packs of Coricidin cold medicine. The teens were identified, admitted they tried to swipe medicine and their parents were called. The store declined to prosecute. The teens were banned from the store. Their parents took them home.


Possession of marijuana

Feb. 4 – A Richmond Hill man was pulled over on Hwy. 144 after an officer spotted a broken taillight and windows tinted darker than the legal limit. After citing the man for the tint violation and the taillight, the officer told the man he thought he smelled burnt marijuana and asked for permission to search the car.

The man allegedly gave permission and the officer reportedly found a sandwich bag containing what appeared to be marijuana. The man was arrested. His car was towed.



Feb. 4 – A Richmond Hill woman was pulled over on Hwy. 17 because her tag light wasn’t working. She was subsequently charged with DUI after allegedly failing field sobriety testing and a breath test at the police department.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 5 – A Richmond Hill man reported a window had been broken at his Hermitage Trail home. A slingshot might’ve been used, the report said.


Possession of marijuana, underage possession of alcohol

Feb. 5 – A Richmond Hill resident was charged with possession of both marijuana and alcohol – she was reportedly underage – when she was pulled over on Harris Trail Drive because the reporting officer noticed she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The officer spotted beer and liquor in the back seat, which the girl said belonged to friends. He also reportedly smelled "green marijuana" and "could see several small pieces of what appeared to be marijuana scattered through the vehicle in plain view." The report said a glass smoking pipe along with joints were also found during a search. The girl was arrested and charged with a citation for not wearing her seatbelt and possession of both alcohol and marijuana.


Property damage

Feb. 5 – A Richmond Hill woman reported damage to the windshield of her 2007 Mercedes-Benz E350. She told police she was driving east on Hwy. 144 near Port Royal when she passed a dump truck heading west. The woman said a rock and some sand came out of the dump truck and hit her windshield, causing a small rack.


Dog bite

Feb. 5 - A Richmond Hill woman told police she was visiting a friend on Cherokee Street when his small dog bit her on the face, causing a serious cut. The woman told RHPD she went to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she got more than 20 stitches to her face. The reporting officer turned the case over to animal control.


Traffic offenses

Feb. 5 – An officer running radar on Hwy. 17 at Harris Trail Road spotted a man driving a Thunderbird. "I could clearly see the driver was not wearing a seatbelt," the officer reported. He pulled the car over and told the driver why he’d been stopped. A subsequent check of the man’s license showed his registration had been suspended because he didn’t have insurance. He was cited for not wearing a seatbelt, no insurance and driving on a suspended registration. The car was towed.


Driving on suspended license

Feb. 5 – A Colorado man was stopped on Hwy. 144 after an officer discovered he was driving a pickup with a non-working tag light. A subsequent check of the man’s license showed it had been suspended for failing to pay traffic fines. The man was cited and his pickup was impounded.


Possession of marijuana, more

Feb. 6 – An officer driving east on Hwy. 144 spotted a westbound Silverado traveling "at what appeared to be a speed greater than the posted speed limit," the report said. The officer checked the pickup on radar and clocked it at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. The driver was pulled over and a check of his license showed it had been suspended for his failure to appear in court. After arresting the driver, the officer performed a search and found "a marijuana joint located in a pack of cigarettes that was inside (the man’s) shirt pocket," the report said. "I then began to search the vehicle incident to arrest and located an unmarked prescription bottle under the driver’s seat of the vehicle. I found more marijuana located inside the prescription bottle."

The man’s employer was called, since he was driving a company vehicle. He was then taken to jail.



Feb. 6 - A Springfield woman told RHPD she received a threatening phone call from her estranged husband. "(The complainant) added that there have been at least six such phone calls in the past month and some of them have come from (the alleged offender’s) Aunt Shirley, who was ‘just generally running off at the mouth,’" the report said. This wasn’t the first time the woman called Richmond Hill police because of threats from her husband. She was given a case number and the reporting officer explained the procedure for getting a temporary protective order.



Feb. 7 - A Piercefield Drive man reported he came home to find someone had entered his home and took a 37-inch LG flat panel TV, an Xbox 360 and an HP Special Edition laptop. The case was turned over to a detective.


Matter of record

Feb. 8 – A manager at Parker’s Market reported she always came up short on the cash drawer when a particular employee was working. The manager also told RHPD she had found surveillance footage of the man entering the office and putting something in his wallet. The manager said she’d also been told the employee had swiped beer in the past. The officer explained to the manager that he needed a dollar amount for the theft and specific dates when the cash drawer came up short. She was given a case number.



Feb. 8 – A custodian at Richmond Hill Primary School was fired for allegedly threatening an administrator, saying "If I stay I’ll smash your face." A fellow custodian told police the man apparently became upset over a change in cleaning assignments and two office personnel heard the threat. The man went to RHPD, where he was given an opportunity to tell his side of the story. "(He) seemed confused and the conversation was short," the report said. The man turned over the keys to the school. The administrator was advised on the procedures to get a warrant.


Traffic offenses

Feb. 8 – An officer patrolling Hwy. 17 near Harris Trail Road spotted a Dodge Neon on 17 with "extremely dark tinted windows," the report said. A traffic stop ensued. The driver, from Glennville, not only was driving on a suspended license, but had twice been convicted of driving on a suspended license in the last five years. He was arrested.



Feb. 8 – A Flint Creek Drive woman reported that on Dec. 27 she let her two Shih Tzu dogs out in her backyard. She said 30 minutes later she went to let them in and only one returned. The woman said the female dog, named Princess, never returned so she posted lost dog fliers around Richmond Hill and entered the dog’s name on Craig’s List. The woman "advised it has been a month since she did this, but today while she was not at home her son took a phone call from a male subject," the report said. "The subject advised that he had the dog known as Princess and that he found her by the Ford Plantation in pretty bad condition. The subject next inquired as to how much he would receive if he brought her back. The son did not know what to say, so the subject hung up the phone." The woman said she would call police again if the man contacted her and she could get more information on him. She was given a case number.


Matter of record

Feb. 8 – A Casey Drive woman told an officer she noticed things were missing from her apartment when she got home from work. She then told the office she suspected her estranged husband took the stuff without permission. Among the items she reported missing were a child’s bed, stereo equipment, a TV and DVD, a computer desk, laptop, sofa, filing cabinet with contents, toolbox, Xbox, Playstation 2, Playstation 1 and about 30 games for each game system. She was advised of legal action and that the incident was a civil matter.


Traffic offenses

Feb. 8 – A Hinesville woman was stopped on Hwy. 17 near Harris Trail Road after an officer noticed the Jeep she was driving had an inoperative tail light. A check of her license showed it had been suspended in January for no insurance and failing to appear in court. She was arrested.



Feb. 8 – A Dee Henderson Drive woman reported someone stole her garage door opener. The woman said she had last used her remote garage door opener on her way to work and noticed it was missing when she got home about 7 p.m. "There was a search of the vehicle and the residence before deciding to report the garage door opener as missing," the report said, noting the woman’s husband reprogrammed the additional remote and the base unit.



Feb. 8 – A Richmond Hill man told police his ex-girlfriend had taken "a majority of his personal property," from a storage unit at Continental Storage while also opening up a credit card account in his name. Among the items allegedly stolen were motorcycle gear, jewelry and a hand truck.



Feb. 9 – A Casey Drive man reported he accidentally left his wallet at a table at the post office. It was gone when he went back to get it and no one had turned it in to postal workers, the report said. The man said there was $73 in cash, two Visa cards and a driver’s license inside the wallet. A short time later, the man reported his wallet was found by a woman at Ashton Apartments. The only thing missing was the cash.


Criminal trespass

Feb. 9 – An officer was dispatched to a Woodstock Lane address to take a report of vandalism. "I spoke to the complainant/victim … who stated that she was sitting at the dining room table reading her Bible when she heard a loud noise at the window," the report said. "She next stated that her husband came out of the bedroom asking what happened. She last stated they went outside and saw an egg splattered on the window." There was no damage to the window.


Traffic offenses

Feb. 9 – An officer stopped a Honda Civic on Hwy. 17 after seeing the brake light and tag light wasn’t working. "The driver stated he did not have a driver’s license but did have valid insurance," the report said. "When I asked the driver for his information he was hesitant and changed his date of birth several times." More checking showed the Savannah man had been stopped in January for a similar reason. The man was arrested, the vehicle impounded.


Traffic offenses

Feb. 10 – An officer reportedly spotted a green Nissan pickup weaving on I-95. He pulled the pickup over and a check revealed the driver had a suspended license. He was arrested.


K-9 search

Feb. 10 – Richmond Hill’s police dog, K-9 Echo, was called out to help the Georgia State Patrol track a man who ran from a trooper after "nearly striking the trooper while at a road check," the report said, noting the man was also wanted in Chatham County on felony warrants. The GSP, Savannah police and Bryan County Sheriff’s Department were already on the scene near Joyner’s Corner off Hwy. 204. The man was found at the Silver Dollar Saloon.



Feb. 10 - An officer patrolling Hwy. 17 spotted an expired tag on a Hyundai and pulled the car over. "The driver stated she was aware the tag was expired," the report said. That wasn’t all. A check showed the woman’s license had been suspended in Virginia for failing to pay several traffic tickets. The woman was arrested.


K-9 search

Feb. 10 – Echo was called out to Bailey Plantation Road to help the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department track someone "possibly attempting to steal a motorcycle off the back porch of a residence," the report said. The attempt was unsuccessful.



Feb. 11 – An officer on I-95 around 2 a.m. spotted a car which appeared to be going fast. The officer checked it out on radar and clocked the car going 112 mph in the 70 mph zone. While making the traffic stop, the officer noted the car was "making big movements from side to side failing to maintain its lane," the report said. "The vehicle finally pulled partially off the roadway at the north entrance ramp for Ga. 405 (I-95) at exit 87." The officer noted the driver seemed to have a hard time getting the car in park. What’s more, once the man was asked to step out of the car he appeared to be both heavily intoxicated and to have been in a fight. "In speaking with the subject, he stated that he was involved in a fight in Miami which was where he was coming from."

That wasn’t all. "The subject handed this officer a Virginia Driver’s License that he stated was expired," the report said, noting it expired in 2005.

Ultimately, the man stopped taking field sobriety tests, said he was drunk and asked the officer to arrest him, the report said. The officer obliged. The man's 1999 Mercedes was towed.

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