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Meet RHHS quarterback Dominique Allen

RHHS numerology, part 2

POSTED: September 15, 2011 8:00 p.m.

Dominique Allen

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Meet Richmond Hill High School quarterback Dominique Allen, who is drawing attention from schools like Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and Georgia Southern, just to name a few.
He's also quarterbacked the Wildcats to their best start in a long time -- the Wildcats are 3-0 heading into Homecoming on Friday.
What's more, Allen, the Bryan County News/McDonald's Week 2 player of the week for his dominant performance against Savannah High (he passed for four TDs and ran for two more), thinks the best may be yet to come.
"We just need to keep preparing ourselves," he said after last week's 42-28 win over Jenkins. "If we do that and keep doing what we're good at, I believe no one can beat us but ourselves."
You got to love a confident leader.
Recently, I sent Allen an email and asked him to answer the following questions.
Here's what he sent back.

Name your top three sports movies:
1. The Replacements.
2. The Gridiron Gang
3. The Longest Yard
If you had a shot to play in the NFL, what three teams would you most want to play for (list them in order):
1. Colts, my favorite team)
2. Falcons, all my family loves the Falcons
3. Green Bay, home of the legend, Brett Favre
List your top three NFL players of all time, in order
1. Emmitt Smith
2. Payton Manning
3. Marvin Harrison
What are your top three TV shows of all time:
1. George Lopez
2. Two and a Half Men
3. Jersey Shore
What three colleges have the coolest mascots:
1. Arizona State Sun Devils
2. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
3. Colorado Bison
What is your bucket list:
1. Skydive
2. Race a Ferrari
3. Do a backflip on a dirt bike


Just for the fun of it, here are my answers to the same questions. I think it means I'm officially getting old.

Top three sports movies of all time:
1. Slap Shot
2. Rocky
3. Brian's Song (the original -- Saw it the other night and it still got to me).

If I had a shot to play in the NFL (yeah, right):
1. New Orleans, the Big Easy. Love cajun food.
2. Charlotte, close to where I'm from in SC. I miss the foothills. 
3. Dallas, for no logical reason I can think of

Top 3 NFL players of all time:
1. Walter Payton - I'd take him first if I were building an offense.
2. Mike Singletary - I'd take him first if I were building a defense.
3. John Elway - I'd take him first if I were buidling a team.

Top TV shows of all time:
1. Office (Dwight Shrute is the creation of a genuis)
2. Mary Tyler Moore Show (Ted Baxter reminds me a couple TV reporters I know)
3. Soap (does anyone besides me remember Soap?)

Coolest mascots:
1. South Carolina Gamecocks.
2. Arizona Sun Devils.
3. Texas Longhorns.

Bucket list:

1. Pay all my bills and have enough money left over to take my wife to Dairy Queen.
2. Get a week off in which all I have to do is piddle in the yard.
3. Go fishing with dad more



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