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Looks like it's going to be an all nighter

Update: Still going strong at whatever time it is and mullets are a thought worth thinking

POSTED: August 19, 2011 4:48 a.m.

UPDATE: It's now 1:33 p.m. and I'm STILL working on the football previews. That makes it something like 29,000 hours straight, or maybe 28, I'm not sure. I do know I think my brain grew a mullet a little while back -I shared that on Facebook --and before restarting my computer for the umpteenth time since last night I've changed my desktop background to a photo of Steve Taneyhill taunting Clemson fans after the Gamecocks pulled an upset back whenever it was.

Steve Taneyhil was a great Gamecock quarterback and he had a mullet for the ages -- but his was back when mullets were actually cool, or at least a lot of people thought they were.

Back to work. These football previews won't finish themselves, you know.


Earlier, I posted the stuff underneath here. I can't remember when, but it was today at some point I think. .

For the record, I started 'working' on the football previews for Bryan County High School and Richmond Hill High School a couple weeks ago -- in the sense that I began interviews, taking photos, etc.

But I didn't start 'working' on the layout -- or the writing -- until around 7 p.m. Thursday night, thanks to the usual last minute issues and problems ranging from ... well, never mind. I knew I was in for it by 9:30 p.m. and so called my wife and told her not to expct me anytime soon.

The good news I just finished Richmond Hill's a few minutes ago..Now I start on the Redskins preview, and hope I can stay awak until I get this one wrapped up -- and hope I get it wrapped up today because both of these things go to press in about six hours..

For what it's worth, haven't slept a wink since 6 a.m. Thursday and it's almost 5 a.m. (4:53 a.m., to be exact) Friday.

It's kind of like the Army days, pulling CQ. I feel just as blurry as I used to then, but I'm a lot older now and this is probably a pretty stupid thing to do on a number of levels.

Not sure I'll do it again next year. Not this way, anyhow.

The great Brunswick News sportswriter Murray Poole once told me people don't care what it takes to get a story, they just wna't the story. I usually follow that advice, but it's been a long night and I'm not thinking clearly.Sorry about that.

So who do you like to win the 2011 Region 2A-AAAA football crown?

I'd bet on Ware or maybe Brunswick -- the Pirates have tons of talent but have a hard time putting it all together -- Ware is a traditionally strong program that seems to be coming back.

But of all the programs in Region 2-AAAA, I think Statesboro from the other side (2B) is the team with the best chance of winning a state title. Yet what do I know? Its 5:04 a.m. Nobody makes sense at 5:04 a.m.

Wake up song of morning:  Motorhead -- Ace of Spades.

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