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Odds and ends

POSTED: July 26, 2011 11:41 a.m.

So pro football's back, good for it.
I'm not as fired up about the NFL resuming business -- and I do mean business -- as I am about the return of college football.
The good news is the programs I care most about -- that's South Carolina and Georgia Southern -- are expected to fare well. The bad news is the Gamecocks are expected to fare well.

For some reason, I'm not comfortable knowing South Caroline is an overwhelming favorite to win the SEC East. That just sets us Gamecock fans up for one more big disappointment. The Chicken Curse never sleeps,.


- I watch to omuch TV because I know Fabio is doing Old Spice Commercials now. I wish they'd let Ray Rice hit him, just once.
- Speaking of commercials, my favorite among the current crop is probably the GEICO "Woodchucks" commercial. Yep. I watch too much TV.

- A lot has been written about the late Luther Welsh, who passed away earlier this month after a legendary career and a life that was well worth emulating. Perhaps the best thing written was this, by his longtime defensive coordinator and friend, John Barnett. Give it a read if you have time.


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