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Crazy drivers, college football and a wolfman

POSTED: July 9, 2011 1:18 p.m.

Frank "The Big Guy" Sulkowski, WJCL and Fox 28 sports anchor.

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Random questions, sports-related and not.

- What is it about the weekend that makes people drive like they need to find a restroom in 30 seconds or there's going to be an accident? It becomes a combination of odd, weird, ugly, gnarly, goofy - and occasionally scary - out there on the road.
- Why is that drivers on 144 in Richmond Hill will go around you so they can stop in front of you a few seconds later to turn into the gas station at Krogers? It happens every single time I go that way. Once, a woman in a BMW rode my bumper until we passed the fish hatchery, then suddenly went around ... and promptly stopped to turn right into Krogers. Me first, I reckon.
- First, Ohio State. Next, Auburn. Can we finally admit that big time college football is no purer than the NFL and start paying these kids? Either that, or stop paying coaches and ADs and  conference commissioners six and seven figure salaries?
- Frank Sulkowski does a great job covering local sports for the ABC and Fox affiliates here in the Coastal Empire. He also tends to look to me a lot like the host of Wolfman Mac's Chiller Theater, for some reason I can't explain. Ok, so that's not a question.




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