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A Tuesday riff

It's almost too hot in here to blog

POSTED: July 5, 2011 6:32 p.m.

A Tuesday riff

Quote of the day

"Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese."

G.K. Chesterton

Link of the day: You've got to check this out. Hilarious. Good clean American fun.

OK, enough of that.

It's almost been too hot to blog, lately. This because there's not A/C in this part of the BCN headquarters in downtown Richmond Hill. .

Still, one makes do and drives on. Hope you all had a great July 4 holiday, or at least a very good one.

- If you've already forgotten the Dallas Mavericks and need further proof it takes a TEAM to win at team sports then look no further than the South Carolina baseball team.
The Gamecocks won their second-straight NCAA College World Series despite being a team consisting of what ace pitcher Michael Roth called "average Joes."
That's good stuff. Who would have thought the Palmetto State would become a collegiate baseball powerhouse? South Carolina, Clemson, Coastal Carolina and The Citadel all played in the College World Series this spring.
- I like covering high school sports in part because I deal with coaches and athletic directors who teach classes all day and then go out and run practices during their season for what amounts to probably less than a dollar an hour in supplemental pay.
I've interviewed coaches as they've washed uniforms, lined fields and have seen them give rides, act as mentors and father figures, man concession stands, take tickets and do a lot we never know about just so kids get a chance to play a sport.
Somehow that tends to get overlooked too often.
- Why is there not more anger over what happened in the Ogeechee River?
- Hands down, the internet is the worst thing ever to happen to sports. While it's a fine tool for the average fan, it enables the weirdest elements in a fan base to go online and practice character assassination and do so anonymously.
- I really don't care whether the NFL has a season. Or the NBA, for that matter. We're not talking about curing cancer or ending war. We're talking games.
- Top five sports movies: "Talledega Nights," "Brian's Song (the original)," "Chariots of Fire," "Pride of the Yankees," and "Friday Night Lights." "Semi Pro" was good, too.
- Will the Braves win the NL East. I give them a 50-50 chance at this point. The Phillies could collapse despite the best pitching staff in the game. But the Braves could, too, despite having the second-best staff in the National League.
- I've often wondered how softball pitchers can throw so many pitches and not have their arms fall off. It's in the pitching motion, according to Bryan County High School coach Al Butler. It's a more natural motion - albeit one that is harder to master for most of us - and puts less strain on the arm itself. What it isn't is easy. Have you ever tried to hit something throwing under-handed?

Not easy.



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