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No rhyme, no reason. Just stuff about sports

Sometimes, you just have to blog

POSTED: June 22, 2011 8:30 a.m.

By Jeff Whitten

No rhyme, no reason. Just stuff for the Sports Blog at
- If one booster club is good, five or six should be better. Or maybe not. There's evidently something of a debate going on in Richmond Hill High School circles over whether to combine booster clubs for various sports into one. Should be interesting. Might even be entertaining.
- I don't care whether the NFL plays this fall or the strike goes on forever. Pro football lost much of its allure when domed stadiums became popular. I hate domed stadiums. Football should be played outside in all weather except lightning. Nothing should be played in lightning. But heat, rain, snow, sleet, high winds? Yep. Good football weather. Hugo Bowl, anyone?
- Anybody want a free fantasy baseball team? My team started the season as the Rincon Beets. Now they're the Rincon Bad News Beets -- I'm in last place in my league and sinking fast. Help.
- Best sports nickname ever? I think it belonged to a lanky kid who played for Effingham County High School circa 1996. I can't remember the kid's real name, but I remember his nickname: "Housecat."
I asked him how he got it and he looked at me like I'd just asked the world's dumbest question.
"I got it because I like to lay around the house all the time," he said.
- You think you want to be a high school coach? A blogger in the community section at recently noted that parents should not be allowed to run a certain sports program at Richmond Hill High School. Perhaps not so ironically, in a survey of the state's high school football coaches last year, more than 70 percent of those who responded said that dealing with "hover" parents was a problem. Here's a link to the story, which appeared Dec. 6 in the AJC:
- Best high school sports mascot in Georgia? That's a tough call. Johnson has the Atomsmashers -- one word, not two -- and Cairo has the Syrupmakers. But how about the Purple Hurricanes of Fitzgerald? Jefferson Mud Turtles?
- Great football voices: Keith Jackson back before ESPN came along. Radio guys like Larry Munson at UGA, Bob Fulton at South Carolina and Nate Hirsch at Georgia Southern. Sadly, all no longer at the mike.
And for high school football, there's the great Tommy Palmer -- whose Georgia High School Scoreboard Show is a must hear.

Jeff Whitten writes about sports, mostly.



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