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Kevin Matthews 360-dunk

POSTED: June 14, 2011 5:38 p.m.

Texas Rangers first-round draft choice Kevin Matthews does a 360-dunk to prove, well, to prove that he can do it. Video provided by Wildcats baseball coach Stacy Bennett.

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You've probably read about it by now -- but if not, word got out that Richmond Hill's Kevin Matthews, recently drafted No. 1 by the Texas Rangers, is not only a pretty good baseball player, he also can play some hoops and can do a 360-degree dunk.

Well, I recently got the video of said dunk from Wildcats coach Stacy Bennett and now share it with you.

Not too bad for someone who stands 5-10 and is better know for striking out opposing hitters.

Maybe Matthews will get a nickname now. How does Dr. Dunkenstein sound?

Note: After viewing the edited video online, it looks a little squashed. The video I got from Stacy clearly shows that Matthews is dunking on a regulation 10-foot goal. And making it look easy.

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