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Oh, poor Lebron

POSTED: June 11, 2011 3:13 p.m.

Never thought I'd say it, but I'm starting to feel sorry for Lebron James.
Yes, he's the most physically gifted player in the NBA and makes more in a day than I earn all year. Sure, he's got millions of adoring fans (though I'm not one), so he doesn't need my pity.
But for all that, he's probably the most hated athlete in the U.S.
Lebron simply can't win.

Five reasons I don't like Lebron
5. The decision. King James took himself wayyyyyy to seriously on that one. For those who don't know what I'm referring to, "The Decision" was Lebron's prime time special on ESPN to announce to the world that he was not going to resign with Cleveland and would instead join the Miami Heat. Ugh.
4. His headband. Lots of players wear headbands in the NBA these days. And they make lots of players look goofy. But for some reason, Lebron's headband makes him look, well, prissy. Or at least as prissy as a 6 foot, 8 inch 280 pound grown man in his physical prime can look.
3. He's not the best NBA player ever. I don't know who the best NBA player ever is, but it's not Lebron. Is that a reason not to like him? Maybe not. But he's like Sarah Palin - whatever he does is the big story regardless of whether it's newsworthy or not.
2. He was a willing participant in the Miami Heat's introduction of the Big 3 - one of the weirdest moments in NBA history as far as I'm concerned.. Blah.
1. He doesn't play for my team.

Five reasons I want to like Lebron:
5. He does give back.
4. He's a patriotic superstar. Lebron played for the 2008 Olympic gold medal winning U.S. team and has already said he wants to help defend the title.
3. He can be genuinely funny. Anybody see the old State Farm commercial? Check out the man's dance moves at the end. Good stuff.
2. He sometimes seems to really be trying to avoid the hype and media attention. That's not easy in this day of the 24 hour news and sports cycle.
1. He is a tremendously gifted athlete and, at times, he's fun to watch play.

My favorite 10 NBA players of all time

1. Magic Johnson. He doesn't get near the credit he deserves. Revolutionized the point guard position.

2. David Thompson. A 6-4 magician. Thompson could jump out of the gym.

3. Larry Byrd. The Hick from French Lick was a whale of a player.

5. Dominqiue Wilkens. The greatest Atlanta Hawk ever.

6. Julius Erving. The first best dunker of all time.

7. Walt Frazier. Back in the day this guy was the epitmoe of cool. He also was a great guard and probably the first NBA star I started following. Yep, I'm old. 

8.  Josh Smith. If he ever stays focused, this Hawk could be as dominant as any big forward in the NBA.

9. Alex English. The best Gamecock baseketball player not named John Roche or Devin Downey or Kevin Joyce, etc.. He definitely had the best pro career.

10. Fred Brown. Downtown Freddie Brown played in Seattle back in the day. He may have played for the Super Sonics, but he shot -- and often hit -- from downtown Portland. The guy had unreal range.

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