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Back in the saddle

Thoughts on Chris Blair, GSU vs. South Carolina and Ohio State

POSTED: June 2, 2011 12:45 p.m.

Just coming off six days of vacation.

I only caught one fish.

I did build a trellis, fix an air conditioning leak and take another trip to my wife’s ancestral stomping grounds down in Arabi (population 500, maybe), so the days off weren’t entirely wasted.

I also made a few notes for the Sports Blog.

Sports radio: Not much of a fan of sports talk radio, but thanks to Savannah's ESPN affiliate at 102.1 I've learned Colin Cowherd has moments of genuis and Scott Van Pelt is consistently easy to listen to.

I turn to another station or kill the radio when Seth Harp comes on. Nothing personal except that Harp, the transplant "local" talent who apparently goes from 3-5:55 p.m. five days a week, gets on my nerves.

Lucky for me, Harp was away this week to go to a wedding up in Michigan. He was
replaced for part of the week by Chris Blair and later by Adam Van Brimmer.
I haven't heard Van Brimmer and probably won't, but I thought Blair earned an A for his performance. That was no surprise.

While I'm no fan of Blair's "put an Eagle six" catch phrase after Georgia Southern scores a touchdown, otherwise he's done a credible job replacing GSU icon Nate Hirsch as the "Voice of the Eagles."
And Blair's work in place of Harp was first-rate -- even when technology failed and an interview with Georgia Tech and Atlanta Falcons broadcaster Wes Durham fell apart just when it was getting really interesting.

Speaking of Georgia Southern: The Eagles play the University of South Carolina on Friday in the NCAA baseball regional tournament in Columbia. I attended both schools and am a fan of both programs, so I'm a bit conflicted on who to pull for. If I had to bet, however, I'd say the Eagles pull the upset.

Gonna miss Shaq, but probably not for long. He'll be my second-favorite NBA voice behind Charles Barkley.

Ohio State: College football is easily my favorite sport, yet I rarely follow college programs north of the Mason-Dixon line. 
Still, I paid attention to news that Buckeyes coach Jim Tressell resigned over NCAA issues involving his players. Tressell, who went 3-1 against GSU while at Youngstown State, was guilty of trying to cover up actions by a number of Buckeyes who were violating NCAA rules by trading memorabilia for cash or tattoos or cars or whatever.
That's wrong under NCAA rules, but the rules need to be changed. College football is a huge business and plenty of folks associated with it are making big money. If coaches and athletic directors and NCAA hotshots can demand seven-figure paychecks, the players should be able to cash in as well.

By the way. Arabi gnats rival those in Statesboro.


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