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POSTED: February 28, 2011 9:25 a.m.

Spring is my favorite time of the year for a couple of reasons; first, because the weather gets warmer but also because it is a time of new life.
Recently I have noticed the tree buds beginning to swell, and some have begun to open up, forming new leaves. The flowering trees are starting to bloom and many plants are starting to shoot through the soil in preparation for blooming. The grass that was brown during the winter months is starting to turn green.
This all reminds me of a person’s spiritual life, which the scripture says was once dead when a person was without Christ, but is now alive after accepting Christ.
Most trees and plants after showing signs of death in the fall will actually come back in the spring once the weather warms up. But occasionally through disease, cold temperatures, old age or drought, they will die and not return.
As I thought about this, it reminded me that spiritually everyone will not respond positively to Jesus Christ, which means everyone will not show signs of new life.
What are the signs of a new life? Habits change, from bad ones to good ones, and attitudes change, from negative to positive. There is a love for doing what is right and a hatred for doing what is wrong. There is a love for God and one’s fellow human beings and a willingness to forgive those who have offended us.
In the area of plants and trees, I don’t think they get to choose who comes to life and who doesn’t. But with Christ, we get to choose. What choice have you made?



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