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POSTED: January 10, 2011 4:31 p.m.

Jan. 17


A half hour special Sunday by WJCL sports guy Frank “The Big Guy” Sulkowski on the Georgia Southern football program was well done. Kudos.

But it lacked something.  

Namely, highlights of the Eagles playoff wins over South Carolina State, James Madison and Wofford, and loss to Delaware.

Why? The NCAA and its media crony ESPN evidentlyl wouldn’t release the highlights.
Why? You tell me.

As good as co-anchor Casey Jones’ photographs were – and they were quite good – that stinks.

Here’s a link to Jones’ photos.


Jan. 17


Some teams just aren’t meant to win it all.

Ever. Never. Ever.

It’s as if the cosmos and the fates and the gods are all aligned up against them, or their locker rooms were originally in the Bermuda Triangle.

Mostly, it’s just plain inexplicable.

The Falcons gave more evidence that they’re in that category on Saturday, when they lost 48-21 to the lowest seeded team in the NFL playoffs.
Granted, the Packers were probably seeded too low at No. 6 and the Falcons too high at No. 1, but that’s where the Falcons were.

No. 1 and two home wins away from the franchises’ first trip to the Super Bowl since 1998. With a quarterback nicknamed Matty Ice who was 20-2 in the Georgia Dome.

Now he’s 20-3 and probably won’t be called Matty Ice for a while.

Which isn’t the point.

The point is, Atlanta did what Atlanta does in such defining moments.

They got whacked.

The Packers owned the Falcons so totally on Saturday that one Green Bay blogger came up with this clever headline; Mass bird death in Atlanta. Here’s the link.

Mass bird death indeed.  

Green Bay didn’t punt.
Atlanta’s defense couldn’t stop a team that couldn’t run the football.

Maybe, as my dad said, it was the crowd – which

Sports fans in Atlanta are notoriously apathetic, though some of that can be attributed to the fact that seemingly half the city’s population originally hails from somewhere else – usually up north. Those who can afford tickets seem mostly to fall in that category, which is why Cubs fans tend to outnumber Braves fans at Turner Field on occasion.

Still, the Falcons ownership tried to change that Saturday, setting some kind of silly goal for its fans to put out 115 decibels worth of noise. They seemed to be getting close early, which might’ve startled the Falcons, who knows?

There were some who thought this might be the year the Falcons erased nearly half a century of futility. Head coach Mike Smith seems to know what he’s doing. There’s plenty of talent. And while Atlanta rarely dominated opponents, they also went 13-3 in the regular season behind a strong running game.

But there’s something about Atlanta as sports city and the Falcons as franchise that defies all the odds, or at least the good ones.

Remember last millenium? The Falcons went all the way to the 1999 Super Bowl under coach Dan Reeves. The self-proclaimed Dirty Birds won with a fragile career backup named Chris Chandler under center and a talented running back named Jamal Crawford running all over people.

They  also  had a solid defense which boasted veteran free safety Eugene Robinson, a team leader and a role model famous for his locker room sermons. He won the Bart Starr award that season by Athletes in Action in part for his “high moral character.”

The night before the game, Robinson, a husband and father, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute. The stunned Falcons fell 34-19 to Denver.

No one blamed Robison for the loss, but it couldn’t have helped.

There was none of that this time.

No goofy Dirty Bird dance contests, no wayward players getting into trouble.

That’s progress, at least.





Jan. 13


Thursdays are usually kind of slow around here, but there’s still a job to do and a blog to write.


So, today’s blog topic --- best stupid websites found in half an hour of poking around the internet. .



- Secrets of invisibility revealed. For moral purposes only, of course. Of course.  And don’t scoff. Buy this guy’s book and you can vanish and reappear anytime you want. You also can learn how to talk to animals and thus convince squirrels to ride around in your pocket, or something like that.Link is below.


Delete - Merge Up


-  Kim Jong- Il Looking at Things. Literally.  This site is all about photos of the North Korean dictator eyeballing stuff.


-  Have you been looking for a spell to find a mate, get rich or ward off evil spirits? If so, this site from the California Astrology Association is for you. Note: This is by no means meant as an endorsement of the CAA or witchcraft.


-         The Weekly World News online. Where else can  you read stories headlined “Scientists Clone Dinosaur” or “Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011” and still get your weekly fix of news about Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson, who apparently faked his own funeral (according to WWN). For that matter, where else will you find a paper with an entire page devoted to aliens and another to mutants? This paper made me want to be a reporter for a tabloid. Maybe there’s still time.



And one that isn’t a dumb website …


-         DigitialDreamDoor is a music site dedicated to “the best possible rankings of songs, albums, musicians and musical artists …” of everything from rock to blues to jazz and classical. Includes dozens of lists, links and much, more.





Jan. 11, 2010

This is a good column from Bob Greene on college athletics. Found it here:



Jan. 11, 2010

Don't know if Richnmond Hill's win over Liberty County on Friday qualifies as a statement game or not, but senior Lorenza Ross is making a name for himself as one of the best guards in the area. A few days after his buzzer beating steal and layup gave the Wildcats a 48-46 win over the mighty Panthers, Ross' coach waxed eloquent in the below in an email response to a question from yours truly.

He gets better with every situation late in the game. The loss to Claxton he had the same situation and chose to shoot a jump shot.  After speaking with him I told him he had enough time to get to the basket for a layup. We also practice those situations in practice and every kid knows that 4 seconds is all it takes to go the length of the floor and score a layup.  He has learned to step up in those situations and it is good to have a player like that.  Last year vs Liberty and WACO he hit last second shts and this is his second time this year. He hit the game winning jumper vs Windsor Forest at Windsor back in November. Once a kid gets it in his head that he can make a shot with the game on the line he can be very dangerous.  Its all about confidence and he is definitely the most confident player when the game is on the line I have ever coached!


We're about to go live with this blog stuff once I get some help filling up space from my co-workers. In the meantime .. since modern sports is occasionally a lot like soap operas (think the NFL's Rex Ryan or Brett Favre, just for starters), here are the latest Soap Opera Summaries from the Associated Press.



Soap Opera Summaries for Jan 3 7/1001
Soap Opera Summaries for Jan. 3-7
Pioneer Press,Staff

Summaries for the week of Jan. 3-7

All My Children: After Liza showed Erica a security camera snapshot of Kendall with a pillow near David's face, Erica confessed to Caleb that Kendall was the one who shot David and that she had covered for her. Caleb and Erica kissed, and he promised to keep it between them, along with the truth about Kendall. Kendall collapsed and was hospitalized with pneumonia. Madison changed her mind about Greenlee's offer of a new start in New York. JR assured Annie they would go public with their relationship as soon as possible, but Annie continued to worry about his relationship with Marissa. Greenlee was worried about how Madison's pregnancy would affect her relationship with Ryan. Damon tried to mend Colby's strained relationship with her mother. Colby opened up to Asher about the relationship, and Damon caught them kissing. A comatose David muttered Kendall's name.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam told Bill he couldn't live up to the persona created for him and wasn't going to give up on Hope. After he told Hope this, she agreed to give him a second chance but told him he had to prove himself. Tawny continued trying to persuade Amber to pass her baby off as Liam's. Brooke grilled Amber about what happened between her and Liam the night of the party. Jackie created some designs for a new collection at Jackie M. Owen asked Nick to be his best man at his and Jackie's vow renewal, but Nick was planning to skip the ceremony. When a troubling phone call threatened to ruin the event, however, it was Nick who saved the day. Whip admitted to Taylor that he took the photo of Brooke and Thomas backstage. Ridge arranged a press conference in Paris for Thomas and Brooke in response to the large demand for the Taboo line overseas.

Days of Our Lives: EJ gave Nicole an ultimatum: Brady or Sydney. She broke up with Brady and agreed to marry EJ, who outfitted her with a tracking device. Sami tried to fool EJ into believing Nicole was continuing to see Brady, but she was found out. Unhappy about EJ and Nicole's marriage, Johnny ran away. Melanie walked out on Philip after the revelation that he was Parker's father, and Daniel ordered Chloe and Parker out of their home. Stephanie feared the worst when she learned the truth had come out, but Kayla explained that her name was left out. Nathan, however, overheard Stephanie talking to Philip about it and confronted her as she was putting on her wedding dress. Vivian and Gus took a flight to deal with supposed Titan business and were pushed out of the plane, landing on a deserted island. Bo and Hope escaped from the cabin on a boat with the help of Leo, an old Merchant Marine friend, and tried investigating Jane's activities via computer.

General Hospital: Carly and Jason raced off to rescue the bus crash victims. Morgan was missing, but Michael found him with a broken leg and carried him back to their makeshift camp. Olivia was taken by helicopter to General Hospital in critical condition. At the hospital, the doctors banded together to help the victims. Lulu arrived to comfort Dante, who feared losing his mother. Abby inadvertently introduced herself to Sonny when she admitted she was at the hospital because of her friend Michael. Carly tried to pay Abby off to leave Michael alone, but she refused to take the money. Carly and Sonny enlisted visiting pediatric surgeon Terrell Clark to take care of Morgan, and he began to charm his way into Robin's life. Brenda asked Molly and Kristina to be her bridesmaids, but she was hurt that Jason, Spinelli and Suzanne refused to support her marriage. Luke considered using his honeymoon with Tracy as a cover for a jewel heist.

One Life to Live: After Marty's arrival derailed John and Natalie's wedding ceremony, Jessica suffered abdominal pain, and John and Brody rushed her to the hospital. Back at the hearing room, Natalie confronted Marty, who slipped and hit her head while trying to run off to the hospital. Natalie brought her to the Buchanan Lodge, where she began to go into labor, and Marty left her there. In Morocco, David attempted to escape, and Clint went to help. David got a phone from the guard and called Dorian to try to explain his situation. After hearing about Starr and James' New Year's Eve kiss, Ford and Langston tried to persuade them to pursue the relationship, but James told Starr he wanted to see other people. Bo began to suspect that Inez might have drugged him and that they didn't have sex. Cristian called Layla's hotel room, and a man answered. Later, he and Blair woke up together. With Cristian's help, Blair opened the mysterious box from Eli and found a painting of herself. Tea told Todd she thought Inez might have killed Eddie.

The Young and the Restless: Chloe and Kevin were stunned when Jana showed up with a gash on her head and told them Daisy escaped. As Daisy was driving, she had another contraction. Kevin offered to let Jana stay with him when the doctors told her she shouldn't be alone overnight. After he told everyone he changed his mind about the adoption, Jana changed her story, telling them Daniel found Daisy giving birth in Jana's car. As he was holding his daughter, Daisy knocked him out and abandoned the baby at a church. Colin told Blake he wanted to meet his grandchildren, and Blake picked up on his growing attraction to Lily. Heather was served with a subpoena for her deposition against Owen. After Neil and Sofia received an incomplete report about Blake, Neil told Cane to fire him, but Cane pleaded with them to give Blake another chance. He told Sofia about the blackmail but withheld the fact that Colin was his father. Kay told Nina and Paul that she didn't trust Colin and needed to find out more about him for Jill's sake.


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